Itsdagram Windows Phone Instagram client “no longer published”


12, 2013


Well, that did not take long.  It seems Itsdagram, the best Windows Phone Instagram client so far, has made a rapid exit from the Windows phone store after becoming available this morning.

We do not know why the app was unpublished, but we hope its because the developer is working on an even better version, and not because Facebook’s predictable Cease and Desist has arrived in his inbox.

We have put out some feelers to Daniel for more info.

Update: Daniel replied, saying:

I pulled it.  It was never meant to be publicly released yet.  It was not ready and not how I wanted to launch it.  The people that have purchased it will not have to buy it again.  Look for it back in the store by Friday.

So if you missed it in the first wave, not to worry, as the app should be back soon, and according to Gary in the final version will even have filters.

Do not find Itsdagram in the Windows Phone Store here.

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