Itsdagram coming this Friday, already looks better than Instagram


15, 2013

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Ugly iPhone version Pretty Windows Phone version

We sometimes forget how much better a good Windows Phone app looks compared to apps on other platforms.

We may not be getting an official Instagram app very soon, but the Itsdagram app is a very polished effort to get Windows Phone users access to the network, and frankly to my eyes looks a lot better than the official iPhone client, which looks like a bad flickr page and certainly does not showcase  the content very well.

The developer Daniel Gary has just tweeted that the app has been submitted for certification, and will hopefully hit the market Friday as a paid version, and next week as a free, ad-supported app.  The app will initially be WP8 only, but will eventually also come to Windows Phone 7.

With good, free third party apps available, would our readers still be demanding an official app? Let us know below.

(Article updated to add paid/free clarification)

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