Itsdagram 3rd party Windows Phone Instagram app close to release


9, 2013

Itsdagram Features

WPCentral reports that the unofficial 3rd party Instagram app Itsdagram is now close to release, and has been gathering new features via a series of private betas.

Besides uploading pictures to the Instagram network, and allowing users to read and comment on the pictures of others, the app now supports:

  • Notifications – Lockscreen (icon and detailed info), Toast and Live Tile for comments and likes
  • Social integration – You can now login with Twitter and Facebook accounts for auto-sharing
  • Delete photos
  • Create new account
  • Search for friends – Go through your contacts to find and follow people you know
  • Full commenting, following, liking enabled
  • Activity screen – Single list-view of all notifications (new follows, likes and comments)
  • Loads faster, more reliable connection

The app will be $1.49 at launch, but given the recent action by Facebook (owners of Instagram) regarding 3rd party Facebook apps we do not believe it will last long in the Windows Phone Store.

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