Borderlands 3, the extremely hotly anticipated, long awaited, and poorly kept secret third instalment in the Borderlands series, has finally been confirmed. Yes – it’s on its way.

Gearbox confirmed the news during their Main Theatre Show at PAX East and also dropped a trailer packed full of explosions, carnage, mayhem, saxophone solos, and… guns with legs?

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That’s not all, however. Much-loved characters such as Lilith, Ellie, Claptrap, and Sir Hammerlock all make appearances. There’s even a brief glimpse of Rhys from Tales From The Borderlands. He has a moustache. It’s sort of a cursed look.

The last main and numbered instalment in the original rooty-tooty-loot-and-shooty franchise was Borderlands 2, all the way back in 2012. There was, however, also both Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales From The Borderlands back in 2014.

The Borderlands franchise is a series of first-person shooter RPGs set in the space equivalent of the wild west. The series follows the various stories of Vault Hunters, who seek out fabled Vaults of legend in order to claim the treasure for themselves. Borderlands’ witty humour and cel-shaded graphics have captured the hearts of many players over the years.

No platforms, release dates, or other sorts of information were revealed, but the million guns are quite enough to satisfy us for now. For more information on Borderlands 3, head on over to the official Borderlands site on April 3rd. Conversely, head over there now to watch the PAX East show.

Source: Borderlands on YouTube.