It’s Comic Time!

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Do you like comics? Then, it’s Comic Time, the ultimate smart mobile comic reader.

Download your favourite comics and get ready to get an awesome comic experience in your mobile phone with the innovative technology of Smart Mode.

Comic Time, using Smart Mode, optimizes your comics using advanced processing algorithms in order to detect the panels inside each page. With this mode you will see only one panel at the same time, getting an optimized experienced for the mobile phone screen.

You can download your comics from SkyDrive, using any internet link (it includes a QR Code reader) or even copying them directly from your PC by USB.

Once you download your comics, you can classify them in a nice and very visual library using categories and marks. When you are reading a comic you can jump to other page, previewing the thumbnails of all comic pages.

This comic experience is provided with a friendly presentation and with some little details that make it more special like Japanese reading mode, transition effects and WP themes support. You can even see your reading progress in a semitransparent progress bar at the top of the screen and when you move to next panel, the page thumbnail is shown in a corner with the current panel highlighted.

You can also share your comic recommendations by Twitter or Facebook.

Some features:

  • Smart mode
  • Formats supported: CBR (rar) and CBZ (zip)
  • Integration with SkyDrive and support for internet URL’s
  • Direct copy of comics from PC by USB
  • QR code reader
  • Manga reading order supported
  • Comic library with categories
  • Page previsualization
  • Transition effects between panels
  • Theme aware
  • Social networks integration

Download linkThis application only costs 0.99$ and has an evaluation version with only two limitations, you can only store one comic at the same time and Smart Mode is only available in the first five panels.

Find Comic Time in the Windows Phone Store here.

See a video demo after the break.