Italy shows their Windows Phone strength, already 15% of Windows Phone market


Adduplex have teased some stats for early March 2013 from their Windows Phone ad network, and it confirms that Italy loves Windows Phone.

It shows that 15% of their users have Italian set as their language of choice, a number which is nearly half of the English speaking countries (which presumably includes US, UK, Canada and Australia) and which is equal to the  Russian, German, French, Polish and Portuguese numbers combined.

The data suggests that developers who do not localize for Italian are really missing out, and of the large number of languages supported, one could cover 90% of users by only localizing for 9 languages.

I think the most interesting aspect however is the strong uptake of Windows Phone in Italy.  This is presumably due to a combination of Nokia’s strong brand there and economic pressure towards cheap but functional smartphones. Recent Kantar numbers show Windows Phone has a 14% market share in the country.

Do our Italian readers have an explanation for the strong performance of Windows Phone there? Let us know below.