It takes two to Tango (two tango updates on the way?)


24, 2011

Author Surur // in News, Rumour


Mary Jo Foley from the ZDNet All about Microsoft blog tends to have her finger on the pulse of things, and reports via her inside sources that there will in fact be two Tango updates on the way.

We had earlier reported that Tango would prepare Windows Phone 7 for low-end devices in less developed markets like China and India.

Now MJF reports that there will be two Tango updates- one to broaden the markets addressed by Windows Phone 7 by adding additional language support and so forth, much like Mango did, but to even more countries.  Apparently Nokia is heavily involved in this, as these markets are their bread and butter.

Tango 2 will be targeted at low-cost devices and include fixes and new features, as well as services and language support for markets that still won’t have been addressed after the Tango1 release.

So overall nothing much exciting, but given that Windows Phone 7 is rapidly approaching feature completeness, the features that we still want like tethering, standard DLNA and more Bluetooth profiles could easily slip in in one of these updates.

Read more at ZDNet here.

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