Israeli military trial HoloLens for advanced battlefield planning


Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the company’s most advanced devices. A lot of companies in the United States partnered with Microsoft to bring some unique experiences to consumers using the HoloLens. However, the Israeli army is now testing the HoloLens for advanced battlefield planning. The C2 Systems Department of the Israeli army bought two Microsoft HoloLens to test augmented reality and how they can use it for battlefield planning. According to Bloomberg, the Israeli army already built apps which can be used to improve battlefield strategy. Israeli army’s Major Rotem Bashi stated:

“We connect all kinds of technologies and innovative concepts that come from the civilian world and try to adapt them as quickly as possible to military use,”

In addition to building apps for improving battlefield planning, the Israeli army is also looking into ways to allow soldiers to fix equipment malfunctions. A Microsoft spokesperson stated:

“Since we started shipping Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition in March of this year, we’ve seen an incredible response from developers and stunning innovation in a variety of use cases ranging from airlines training their mechanics and flight crews, to medical students learning anatomy in a new way, to astronauts exploring Mars,”

This is of course just a glimpse of what the HoloLens can do, and we will likely see a lot of projects similar to what the Israeli army is doing  in the future. For those wondering, Microsoft recently started selling the Developer Edition for $3000 to all developers in the United States and Canada, but it should be coming to other countries in the near-future as well.

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