ISPs reports Xbox Series launch set new traffic records


13, 2020

Microsoft says the Xbox Series launch set sales records for the company, and it turns out downloading all those updates and games also set internet traffic records.

Virgin Media said at the launch on Tuesday the company experienced the highest amount of data consumption on its network in history, 30% over its usual October levels, totalling 108 petabytes of data or 20 GB per customer.

Similarly, TalkTalk said that it “recorded its highest ever peak in network traffic” on Tuesday while Openreach said its network was also hard hit.

Given the propensity for Day 1 updates, the upcoming launch of the PS5 is likely to have a similar or even larger impact in UK where the PS5 is yet to launch.

The massive size of games, of course, do not help either, with Call of Duty, Blackops hitting 250 GB for example, not to mention the increased popularity of gaming consoles during the lockdown.

On the other hand, the increased need for large downloads also gives ISPs a good reason to sell you a more expensive and faster connection, which is likely a win-win for everyone.

via Gizmodo.

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