ISIS NFC payments coming to Windows Phone later this year


Bloomberg reports that the ISIS NFC-powered mobile payment system, backed by 3 out of the 4 major US carriers (excluding Sprint) will be rolling out nation-wide in USA by the end of this year.

The system, which has thus far been confined to Android handsets, will also work with iPhones, Blackberry 10 handsets and Windows Phones.

“What you’ll see coming from us is a vastly improved product, a variety of new places to use it, a vastly improved user experience,” said Ryan Hughes, chief marketing officer at New York-based Isis. “You’ll soon be able to walk into a store in Boise or Tallahassee or Chicago and take advantage of this technology.” 

The mobile payment system has had 9 months of testing in 4000 locations in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City and in the test participants used the system around 10 times per month. Carriers intend to make their money from advertising, and in the test two-thirds of users opted to receive offers and advertising messages.

Google’s Wallet has been an alternate offering, but has languished in adoption due to strong carrier resistance and limited control by Google of Android software and services that actually ship on handsets.