Isis confirms they are working on a Windows Phone app




We recently saw the Nokia Lumia Icon appearing to support the carrier’s Isis Mobile Payment system.

Now the company’s official twitter client has confirmed that they are working on a Windows Phone client, suggesting Windows Phone users stay tuned.

The carrier-blessed mobile payment system Isis has started rolling out for Android handsets  recently, with the promise of eventual Windows Phone support. A sleeve for the iPhone has just arrived which adds NFC capability to that device, but I suspect uptake will be rather poor, while most higher-end Windows Phones have NFC built-in, and will hopefully benefit more from Isis support.

The Isis contactless payment service at present works with pre-paid American Express cards, and is also able to replace American Express, Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire, Slate from Chase and JP Morgan Palladium credit cards at compatible retail Point of Sale locations. It is supported by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and requires a special secure SIM card to be activate, which carriers will provide free of charge.

Unlike Google’s Google Wallet solution ISIS is platform agnostic, which is obviously  good news for Windows Phone users.

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