Is this a list of the expectations for a Nokia Lumia 1020 successor?


Despite the arrival of 20 megapixel camera phones like the Nokia Lumia Icon, 930 and 1520, the Nokia Lumia 1020 remains the Windows Phone imaging flagship, offering a massive sensor, 41 megapixel resolution and a variety of camera-focussed accessories.

The device is however getting rather behind the times in terms of its other specs, only having a dual-core processor and 720P screen, suggesting we should see a follow-up this year.

Damien Dinning, previously head of imaging at Nokia, has posted his wish list for a successor, and while he does make sure to disavow any insider knowledge, having left in December 2012, he will likely have a reasonable idea of what’s reasonable and what’s on the roadmap.

Damian said he would like to see a device with a larger display, faster shot to shot speed, autofocus during video and more manual controls during video recording.

He also suggests a future device would benefit from having a removable microSD card, and feature video editing, sweep panorama and high frame rate video.

Much of these features are already available via the WP8.1 SDK, so it seems pretty likely a device that takes full advantage of these will arrive at some point.

He goes on to say:


He would like to see still capture during video recording, frame zoom, manual control during lenses and being able to manually set focus points in apps like Refocus and just generally better close-up focus.

As expected, none of Damian’s wish list are out of the realms of reality, and a lot of what he is wishing for already exists on other mobile operating systems, suggesting Microsoft certainly needs to be looking to implement these features to keep up.

What do our readers want from the next Lumia 1020? Let us know below.

Via Damian’s