Is there still any reason to for enterprise to go Blackberry

Blackberry That’s what Jay Rollins, from the CIO in action blog at TechRepublic is asking. He recently had a need to compare the RIM solution vs Exchange Activesync and found very few differences in functionality, none compelling.

In fact the Windows Mobile version supported some functions, such as .wav attachments, which the Blackberry Enterprise Server did not.

About the only BES advantage was in detailed reporting (e.g. delivery guarantees) and being able to remotely disable a device, both of which are hardly worth the added expense of having a BES sitting between your user and the Exchange Server.

He concludes:

“Windows Mobile is getting better and the iPhone UI is incredible, although the keyboard takes some getting used to. All in all, I’m finding it very difficult to justify the $10k spend. With Windows Mobile and iPhone, you don’t need additional hardware or have to pay separate licensing costs.”

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