Is there a new ZuneHD in the works?


20 reports on director James Gunn’s mention of a new Zune at a Microsoft invite-only event.

James writes:

A couple weeks ago I was invited to “The Microsoft Experience,” a forum for showing gadget-loving folks in the media like myself all the new products that Microsoft has and is working on.

Some of the other stuff – the new Zune, the upcoming Microsoft phone, also looked fantastic.  But, admittedly, I’m going to have a hard time getting out of my 20,000 songs on iTunes to actually switch over to Zune – and I feel stuck to the iPhone because of the apps.  I also saw a new Microsoft tablet which is a lot like the iPad.  However, like the iPad, I have a real fear that these glossy screen reading devices are going to ruin the steps the Kindle (which I adore) and other ereaders took to have a more print-like reading experience.

James of course writes a lot more about his experience with Project Natal, but his mention of a new Zune is of interest, especially given the lack of compatibility of the current ZuneHD with Windows phone 7, and some other rumours of an upcoming, higher resolution ZuneHD 2

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