Is the Nokia Lumia 930 due to get a price cut even before launch?

ZDNet Belgium reports that the Nokia Lumia 930 will be hitting Belgium at a ground-breaking launch price of 499 Euro.  This is much lower than the 579 Euro pre-order price we have seen in many other retailers such as at Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

The pricing is reminiscent of the sudden drop we saw with the Nokia Lumia 630, which had a surprise fall to £89.95 at its launch in UK, and it may be a sign of Microsoft exerting its financial muscle now that the Nokia handset take-over is complete.

Of course it could also be a special deal for Belgian Windows Phone users, as the OS is apparently doing very well there, and close to overtaking the sales of the iPhone.

Would a 80 Euro ($109, £65) price drop make the handset more attractive to our readers? Let us know below.

Thanks Wouter for the tip.