Is the Marketplace being filled with junk?

I’m sure almost everyone has noticed that each time you visit the “New” category of the Marketplace, you’re bombarded with tons of useless apps that could be condensed into a single app. This was especially apparent today, when a single developer released fourty, yes four – zero, versions of essentially the same app: “I Love [Team Name]”.

The issue of spam, junk, and repetitive apps is a problem with every app store. Apple and Android both have their fair share of useless apps too. However, Microsoft could choose to uphold the quality of the Marketplace and prevent developers releasing so many junk apps.

To solve this problem, a system could be enacted where developers can only submit two new applications each month. That would instantly restrict developers like from spamming the new apps section with 40 copies of the same app. This restriction would still allow true developers to release plenty of apps, since true apps will likely take more than two weeks to develop. App submissions should also be cross-referenced with the developer’s previous apps, so that they cannot release ten apps that should simply be one single app.

If a system similar to this was enacted, visiting the New category of the Marketplace would be extremely more useful for the end users. Sure, it would slow down the growth of our Marketplace, but is everyone truly immature enough to only want the biggest number? Quality matters. Microsoft may want to be able to claim that their app store is the biggest, but that doesn’t matter to the actual users of Windows Phone, who want apps they actually use! I, personally, can hardly ever find anything interesting in the New category. What has your experience been?

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