Is The Death Grip Standard On Phones? Lets Test It


The world we live in seems to have been turned today with the accusation by Mr Jobs that all phones seem to have a problem with you hold it “Wrong”, so I will give this a try on my HTC HD2.

The test is simple. I take one hand cover the whole bottom of the device for thirty seconds, and do that again with two hands. Since my phone calculates bars correctly, I know that I am certainly beginning this with 4 bars (in my small office).

No Hand:

ScreenShot3The no hand test was simple. Place the device on my table, and see if it gets any signal changes while not being held. The bars stayed consistently at 4 for 30 seconds, and so I went to the second test.

One Hand:

ScreenShot5 After holding my device for 30 seconds with my hand covering the left side completely from top to bottom, my 4 fingers holding the right side and my palm resting on the bottom. After doing all that my phone lost 1 bars, and stayed at 3 bars for the 30 second testing time.

Two Hands:

ScreenShot7 After holding the device almost unethically complete, it seems the bars have dropped quite significantly this time. For the 30 seconds, half way through it, the bars dropped 2 lower than the three we had with the one hand on both sides.

This seems to show that Mr. Jobs was right, all devices have this issue. But as you can tell, I do not say problem because with the HD2 and other well designed phones. It is not truly a problem, we might loss a few bars (that we actually had) and still get great service. I tried this out with the Samsung Vibrant, Droid Incredible, and HD1, and they all lost a view but never dropped a call or anything.

So we cannot truly say we are death grip free because we aren’t. What we can say is, we do not have any problems with our death grips, we love our grips, and only when we hold it super tight can we see a big drop in bars.

When I was done with the test, I returned to device to its stand and the bars reverted to a very comfortable 4.

Update: This only happens to our devices when they have 3G since 3G is a weak signal. Now if you are on Edge or on a 2G connection. This will not happen to your device, so that is why some of you do not loss any bars.

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