Is the aluminium ‘Nokia EOS’ actually a 5.3 inch Nokia phablet?

by Surur
June 16, 2013
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The recently leaked high quality pictures of the aluminium Nokia Windows Phone has caused many to suggest the phone is a lot bigger than it appears, based on the seemingly small size of the buttons and features such as the micro-USB port.

Placing the Nokia Lumia 920 virtually next to the leaked handset, one can see that the NL 920 needs to be shrunk down considerably or the other handset made much larger for the camera and power buttons to be the same size.

Probably more convincingly, if the bottom of the two devices are placed next to each other, to make the hole for the microUSB slot to be the same size, again the leaked handset needs to be much bigger.

If we put actual measurements to the difference, the new handset would be around 77 mm wide and 153 mm tall, which is around the same dimensions as the original 5.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Note (147 x 83 mm). It would be around 7 mm thick excluding the hump and 10 mm including it.

image image
image image
Nokia phablet (153 x 77 x 7 mm) NL 920 (130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm)

imageThe Nokia Lumia phablet is a pretty well sourced rumour, with even the Financial Times saying:

(Nokia is working on a phablet) The device that can work as a phone and a tablet – known as a “phablet” – similar in size but with more advanced specifications to Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note.

Other mentions of the phablet, apparently aimed at Q4 2013, can be found here and here.  The device is rumoured to have a 1080P screen with an extra row of icons and will run the GDR 3 build of Windows Phone 8, as seen in this other leaked picture to from this post here.

Presumably this handset will also feature support for the latest quadcore processors, although there is rumours that Nokia was having battery issues with this.

Are our readers convinced, and will you be holding out for such a handset? Let us know below.

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