Is Samsung stringing Microsoft along?

That is the theory of analysts Detwiler Fenton, who claim Samsung is sucking down a large amount of Microsoft’s resources while delivering mediocre products which they did not promote.

“Our checks indicate that Samsung may be intentionally gobbling up Microsoft’s smartphone resources as a strategic move to impede the adoption of Windows Phone 8,” analyst Jeff Johnston theorizes. “While Samsung insists on receiving extensive engineering support (which they are getting) from Microsoft, there is no evidence that Samsung has any interest in seeing the Windows Phone platform succeed.”

Instead Samsung wanted their new OS Tizen to become the third OS, said Johnston.

While Samsung very clearly botched the Samsung ATIV S launch, and currently appears to be discounting the handsets, and have in fact lost Windows Phone market share to HTC, Nokia and other Windows Phone OEMs, it seems a bit far fetched to suggest Samsung is acting maliciously. Do our readers think Samsung is pulling a fast one? Let us know below.