Is Ray Ozzie going down fighting?


26, 2010

Author Surur // in News

.  Last week Steve Ballmer announced that Ray Ozzie would be stepping down from his position as Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, and today , Ozzie published a memo he wrote to “Executive Staff and direct reports”, entitled “The Dawn of a New Day”.  Like “The Internet Services Disruption“ before it, Ozzie’s latest memo is a dense piece of writing, at times difficult to comprehend.  Without any context, it’s hard to follow what Ozzie is talking about, or even if he has a point at all.

But there have been rumblings for most of Ozzie’s five year tenure that he was not well liked by certain factions holding power at Microsoft, that he and Steve Ballmer didn’t see eye to eye, and that there has been apparently quite a power play going on between Ozzie and Steven Sinofsky (why is it, by the way, that the most common words associated with Sinofsky seem to be “power play”?).  Ray Ozzie had quite a vision for the future of computing, which he outlined in the Disruption memo, some five years ago.  His memo outlined key tenets and a set of opportunities for delivering seamless, services based computing, cutting through the complexity of the technology of 2006 (and today):

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