Is Nokia’s secret weapon being cheap? has noticed an interesting emphasis in Steve Ballmer’s discussion surrounding Nokia and Windows Phone 7.

At BUILD he said:

We’re still all anticipating the great work that Nokia will do on its phones as they come to market, and frankly help lead Windows Phone into new geographies and price points and form factors in ways that I think will be very important.

The geographies is obvious, with Nokia’s massive worldwide penetration, but it is significant that Steve Ballmer expects Nokia’s handsets to reach new (presumably lower) price points than the other Windows Phone 7 OEMS.

Microsoft has already said they expect Windows Phone 7 smartphones to reach the $100 price point for materials and construction next year, and Nokia of course is famous for their logistics which enables their Symbian handsets to be pretty cheap.

Recently leaked branding material for the Nokia 800 also showed the phone priced at only 329 euro (about $450) unlocked, which is close to half the price of the new HTC Titan.

It may be that current Windows Phone 7 users will be able to access high end features such as AMOLED screens, NFC and high megapixel, high quality cameras at much lower cost next year, and OEMs like Samsung and HTC will see both their Windows Phone 7 and Android handsets undercut by Nokia.

Do our readers expect Nokia’s handsets to be pretty cheap? Let us know below.