Is Nokia teasing a large-screened Windows Phone 8 handset?



Chris Weber has tweeted a statement which backed up Stephen Elop’s announcement that Windows Phone 8 handsets will be released in “relatively near term“, saying the next generation of Lumia was coming soon.

The message may have more to it than meets the eye however, with Chris telling Samsung to take note.  Samsung announced their large-screened Galaxy Note follow-up recently, and has also announced that they sold 10 million Galaxy Note “fablet” over the last year.  There have been strong rumours of a large-screened Nokia WP8 handset with a screen in the range of 4.5 to 4.65 inches. The tweet may very well be a coded challenge to Samsung for what Nokia believes is a direct competitor to that handset.

Are our readers ready for the clash of the titan handsets? Let us know below.

Thanks Justin Angel for the tip.