Is Microsoft teasing a Surface-branded phone?


Many of our readers have always seen a Surface-branded phone as the ultimate flagship for Microsoft, hence the numerous renders, like the one above, which have popped up of the device.

At Mobile World Congress 2015 at a blogger event Microsoft VP of Marketing Tuula Rytila hinted that such a device may eventually make it to market.

ICXM quotes her as saying:

Tuula hailed Surface as an example of innovation in the high end laptop, and hoped to bring some of that innovation to Lumia phones as well:
“The only answer there is to innovation.” Tuula continues, “So you have the Surface Pro 3, that’s really like for me – the laptop reinvented. {…} I think the Surface team has reinvented as what we perceive as being a laptop. Similarly when we think about high end phones, I don’t think that a 5 inch rectangle is the end of how we want to work or live when we’re mobile and using mobile technology. I think there’s a lot of ways we can still innovate and reinvent and for us as a challenger in that space that’s what we need to do.”
One of Tuula’s colleagues chimed in at this point, emphatically praising Microsoft’s willingness to innovate, and that we’ll see “meaningful” innovation in the new flagships targeting the later half of this year.

Now of course Tuula could just be admiring the Surface 3, which received an innovation award at MWC 2015, but what if Microsoft’s next flagship will deliver something no-one else has been able to so far –a device as small as a phone but as powerful as a laptop, just like the Surface 3.

I have of course long advocated a Windows Phone with an Intel processor, that can be docked to a big screen (e.g. via HDMI) and then be used like a laptop, with a full desktop.

The parts for this dream are now falling in place, with Windows 10 Mobile supporting keyboard and mice, and even MHL (and 4K) via USB Type C, which Windows 10 also supports.  The last part is Intel support, and we recently heard also that Intel feels Windows Phone is very important to them?

Check mate readers or a fever-induced fantasy?

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