“We want to create technology so our customers can go and create technology.” If you are in the Microsft orbit you’re already familiar with the quote. Microsoft CEO keeps reminding that it wants to be the platform for businesses. In almost every keynote of his, you’ll find him saying similar phrases. It’s not all talking though, the company had previously made a lot of acquisitions that only make sense when a see Microsoft as a company that wants to make others cool, GitHub is a glorious example.

Microsoft now wants to take a step further. According to a report published on TheInformation, Microsoft is now looking to offer software tools that’ll enable retailers to manage e-commerce sales. Shelley Bransten, a Microsoft corporate vice president of retail and consumer goods, in an interview with The Information on Monday, said, “It’s something we’re looking at very seriously because our customers are asking us for it.” Interestingly enough, she went on saying that she has a lot of respect for Shopify.

For those unaware, Shopify is basically a SAAS(Software As A Service) based platform that let you build your own online store without having to know how to code. With Shopify, you can manage all your orders, payments, shipping, etc. It’s the easiest way to build an online store. When asked about whether Microsoft has decided to buy Shopify she refused to comment.

It’s clear Microsoft wants to create some solutions that will make small businesses to operate efficiently. Now whether these solutions will come through the Shopify acquisition remains to be seen.