Is Microsoft intentionally hiding when apps were last updated in the Windows 10 Store?


One of the embarrassments from the Windows Phone app store is that even when we do have an official app, they are often virtual abandonware,  and have not updated for years at a time.

It seems with Windows 10 Microsoft is planning to eliminate this problem, but not by getting developers to work harder, but by simply hiding the version number and date of the last update.

In the latest version of the Windows 10 store (both on the phone and web) Microsoft has pointedly omitted information about the current version and date of last update, while including everything else, including much less relevant information such as supported languages.

While as a blogger this irks me particularly, as I would not know if an app has been updated recently or not, I believe the real targets are user perception, and that this move will overall be damaging, as users will not be able to avoid apps which are no longer supported by their developers.

Do our readers agree this is a dishonest and bad move? Let us know below.

See screen shots of an app entry on Windows 10 Mobile below.