Is Microsoft failing to police Marketplace?


1, 2011

Author Surur // in News


A rash of NES Emulator games recently managed to make it into Marketplace, with the games, which remain subject to copyright, being sold for considerable amounts of money, even when they did not have proper controls or even working sound.

Emulators have of course always been banned in Marketplace, but of course the “developer” Jesse Dudley never advertised it as such.

Microsoft is currently in the process of removing these apps from Marketplace, but it does raise questions regarding the scrutiny apps receive before going live in Marketplace.  While, due to sandboxing, the damage rogue apps can do is limited on Windows Phone 7, apps could still very easily steal private information from users, including their address book, location and user ID.

The security of users remains crucially dependent on the how much effort Microsoft puts into policing Marketplace, and with the rash of spams apps seen recently it suggests Microsoft could do a lot better.

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