Is it the end for the road for KIN Studio?



It sure does look so from the image above . This should essentially mean the end of the Kin phones as well IMHO. WPcentral has a scoop outlining Verizon’s plans to shutter the studio service, one of  the main reasons why anyone would consider having these devices in the first place on January 31st .  From the blog

  • Feed Reader will stop working
  • Search Near me will stop working
  • Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
  • Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
  • Posting to Social Networks will no longer work.

Click on the source link for more detailed information on the impact this news will have on the devices. On a positive note, Verizon will be offering a free upgrade to a 3g phone for any affected KIN users if they decide to go with a different phone.

source wpcentral