Microsoft’s Forza series is undoubtedly one of the most popular racing series on the planet and, thanks to an incorrectly formatted hyperlink, the next instalment may be coming sooner than expected.

An article from GTPlanet broke the news about the apparent slip-up, which was posted by Forza developers Turn 10 Studios.

In a Week In Review post from the studio, community manager Brian Ekberg mentioned Forza community member Raceboy77’s recent Canadian eSports win.

However, the link to the article wasn’t quite right. Instead of linking to the relevant article, it linked back to a local file with an unusual path name.

The Week In Review post has since been corrected, but GTPlanet managed to get a screenshot of the suspicious URL path before the link was fixed.

Image credit: GTPlanet.

The URL path reads as follows:

file:///C:/Users/brianek/Documents/Week in Review/Developed in partnership with UK-based studio, Electric Square, Forza Street is built from the ground up to support a wide range of Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.

Judging from the URL path, Forza Street appears to be a mobile-based project that’s being worked on in tandem with Electric Square, a studio based in Brighton, UK.

Electric Square have previously worked with Microsoft Studios on Miami Street, a free-to-play ‘pick-up-and-play’ racing game, so they’re not strangers to the world of racing games.

Given how Microsoft also appear to be expanding their gaming repertoire by acquiring several game studios and testing out Xbox-on-PC emulation techniques, a Forza mobile game wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Sources: GTPlanet and the official Forza Motorsport blog.