Is Firefox adding Bing as a default search engine?


6, 2010

Author Surur // in News

Tonight, Robert Scoble tweeted a single sourced rumor that Mozilla is announcing that Bing will be added as a default search engine in Firefox, as early as tomorrow (Wed Oct. 5).  To add some credence to the rumor, on Sept 29 Asa Dotzler of Mozilla posted a “we’re getting closer” screenshot of Firefox 4:


…interesting choice of screenshot material (via @rawmeet)

Scoble clarified in subsequent tweets that according to his source Bing would not be replacing Google, but added as a default search engine choice. We should know more soon, and Google (in a highly paid placement), and Yahoo! are already on the default search engine list, so adding Bing makes sense and is, as Danny Sullivan tweeted, likely overdue.

Still it’s another feather in the cap for Bing, which continues to gain legitimacy, if not market share.

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