Irony as Windows Phone hits highest market share ever on NetApplications


Now we cant quite explain it, and it might be a bug, but for some reason the Windows Phone OS has just hit its highest market share yet on NetApplications.

NetApplications of course measures the installed base of handsets in use on the web, and Windows Phone just crested the 3% share for the first time, hitting 3.14%. Ironically this is on the eve of Windows Phone being phased out for Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone itself hitting its lowest sales market share yet, at 1.7% in Q3 2015.

The most likely explanation is a glitch, but alternate explanations could be retailers selling Windows Phones at knock down prices to clear inventory (such as the sale which saw the Lumia 530 being sold for $9.99).

The news comes some months after Microsoft decided to abandon their quest for volume by turning to profitability, meaning this may very well be the highest market share Windows phones will ever have , not just in the past, but in the future also.

The stats can be seen at NetApplications here.