iQuotes – HUGE quotes collection for Windows Phone

iQuotes is a free App with thousands of quotes to browse and share on most popular social networks. As you would expect it is possible to filter quotes by author, category and sub-category. You’ll find everything you need to amaze your friends with surprising and awesome quotes.

But… wait a moment, what if you do not find a quote you know and would like to share, say, on Facebook? NO PROBLEM SIR! Please do not hesitate to create and submit it to our servers directly from iQuotes interface!

Our database is shared by all platforms iQuotes is available for (Windows Phone 7, Android and iPhone) that’s why you can find a lot of new quotes every week (it takes some time to validate new quotes because we need to check them one by one to be sure they are not “garbage”…)

You can contact the developer at

Download iQuotes from the marketplace link