iPhone’s stolen WP7 viewfinder on video

We wrote about Apple stealing the iconic Windows Phone 7 viewfinder in iOS 5 a few days ago, but then we only had a text description.

Now Redmondpie have uploaded a video of the feature in action, and the copy appears even more blatant than we originally imagined.

Like many of iOS5’s new features however the viewfinder + camera roll appears pretty tacked on, with the UI not giving any indication of the new feature, unlike Windows Phone 7 which uses text and other features rolling off the screen to hint that there is more features and functionality on other screens.

The feature also clearly violates the Microsoft patent for a viewfinder which displays “active and passive content”:

“Integrated Viewfinder and Digital Media”:

A user interface can display active and passive content. For example, a camera viewfinder image can be displayed on a screen, as part of a strip, concatenated with one or more other images, for example, images that were previously taken with the camera. A user can cause the viewfinder image and the other images to move together across the screen. This can allow a user to easily examine the other images and the viewfinder image without, for example, switching between different screens in a user interface. Media captured with a device can be associated with a media category by positioning a user interface element near one or more other elements associated with the category.


As we mentioned in our original article, Apple never had a huge reputation for being an innovator but rather for perfecting.  It is clear now that even this second element to their earlier success is slipping rapidly away.

Via Redmondpie.com