As Apple and Epic Games continue to squabble about actually letting Fortnite be sold on the App Store, Casetify has stepped in with Epic Games to give iOS users some Fortnite content. 

Casetify, makers of a remarkable number of iPhone cases, have joined forces with Epic Games in their first-ever gaming collaboration, which launches on May 6th.

The collaboration will include a number of Fortnite themed accessories, such as Apple Watch straps, AirPod cases, iPhone cases, and a non-apple centric product of a water bottle.

Each item is emblazoned with Fortnite branding and characters from the ever-expanding Fortnite universe such as DJ Yonder or Durrr Burger.

As the legal battle continues between Apple and Epic, there’s no telling when Fortnite might return once more to iOS devices, but if you’re really after branding for a game you can’t play, you can sign up for the waitlist before the collection launch on May 6th.