iPhone X interest reportedly disappoint, Apple to end its run early



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Well, after a long hype, Apple’s legendary iPhone X was released and made available to consumers in November 2017. And now it’s January 2018, and after almost 2-2.5 months since the launch, a new report claims that iPhone X will be cancelled. This report comes from a trusted source and KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who says the main reason behind the cancellation of iPhone X is the disappointing sales. He claims that the production will cease in the summer of 2018. This would be the second time that Apple will be discontinuing an iPhone after they discontinued the iPhone 5c series in 2014.

The major difference between the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus that the latter gives a wider field of interaction with the phone. Also, the bezel-less design of the iPhone makes it fragile and as the parts of the device are already expensive, the repairs make the cost unbearable too. Also, the new gestures, a user needs to learn in order to use the iPhone X make it really tough to use at times. There are people who claim (including Apple) that it is really easy to get used to these new gestures but let’s accept the fact that it’s not a cup of tea. Lastly, the absence of the fingerprint sensor puts the final nail in the coffin as this makes the users completely dependent on the FaceID which is slower to use and less secure than the Touch ID. But nevertheless, relying entirely on Face ID is a new concept and we can at least appreciate Apple for trying it. Maybe the major concern was not the reason above but the price. The device is really expensive and with this experience, I think Apple should understand the fact that maybe everyone is still not ready to pay such a huge price for a smartphone.

Source: Apple Insider; Via: Forbes

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