iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Migration Guide

M3 Sweatt  from Product Group Customer & Partner Satisfaction at Microsoft  has posted his experience of migration from  iPhone to Windows Phone 7. He explains the process of migrating contacts,photos,notes and bookmarks. He also noted that he miss some applications from iPhone such as Amazon Kindle( which is already under development for WP7), paypal application some banking applications. btw, WP7 is just hardly two months old. We can expect more apps as time passes by. Here is the excerpt from his blog.

Saving and Importing Contacts

On to contacts. The FAQ’s on site titled "Import contacts from my old phone" is a good general reference. If you are like me, Outlook running with Exchange is the master of all your contacts. As phones on GSM networks (such as AT&T and T-Mobile) use SIM cards, you can use the SIM to save your contacts and import them directly on to your phone. But if you’re like me, you received a new SIM card with your new phone – and if you’re using an iPhone with Apple’s iTunes (or any other phone that doesn’t connect to Outlook directly), you’ll have to ensure that you set iTunes up to sync with Outlook in Windows or export your contacts. image

In the case of my wife who uses Outlook to sync with her mail via POP3, I chose to have iTunes sync her contacts with Outlook. As she also has a Hotmail account, I installed the Office Outlook Hotmail Connector to allow her email to sync not only at home on her PC with Outlook, but also be available anywhere via the Internet on Hotmail – and as I set up her Live ID to also be the same as her home email address, it all looks the same to her and the people she mails.

Saving your Photos

Once again, iTunes iTunes syncs everything to and from your iPhone, including video and photos. Historically I have chosen to drag copy the photos and videos from the iPhone directly (from the Desktop) to a folder in My Photos in Windows 7 – that way I was able to pick and chose what ended up in My Photos, in addition to a safety copy backed up by iTunes.

Getting to your Notes & Bookmarks

Speaking of backing up your old phone, one thing that wasn’t clear to me (even after having used devices with Outlook for so many years) was how do I make sure that all my notes on my iPhone would be backed up and saved somewhere on my Windows PC? I knew that my music and photos were synced, but where were those notes? I may not have as many notes in the pad as I have email, but they’re important none the less. image

Turns out that since iOS v3, Notes can be backed up in iTunes. If you connect your iPhone to iTunes, you’ll see a new option to "Sync notes with Outlook." You can now save notes without having to use third-party software as had been the case previously. (The same is true with bookmarks as shown here: you simply select "Sync bookmarks with Internet Explorer" and they’ll appear in your list.)

Where do you find the synced notes on your PC?With Outlook, they’re in your appropriately named Notes pane(via the Go menu option).

Once you sync your iPhone with iTunes after setting up the "Other" section, you’ll see your synced Notes appear.


For more extensive guide visit this blog.

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