iPhone losing popularity, revolutionary Palm Pre only as desirable as AT&T Tilt

comscoreComscore continues to release a fascinating insight into the American smartphone market. The latest news to slip from their $5000 report into the region shows in that in less than 3 months, in terms of intention to buy, Apple’s iPhone dropped a whole 1% from 21 to 20%.

In August 21% of potential US smartphone buyers surveyed wanted to buy an iPhone. When the survey was repeated in November only 20% wanted the iconic device.  While the drop is small it is highly significant for the device that many predicted would take over the smartphone world and displace all others and certainly not the direction Apple would want it to go.  The reasons are unclear, but certainly shows Apple’s mindshare lead is far from unassailable.

More unwelcome news for money-losing Palm is that only 2% of respondents were interested in getting their JavaScript based webOS devices, the same as the 3.5mm headphone-jack less AT&T Tilt (2 presumable, but who knows). This likely explains why the company’s shipments are 5% down on the previous quarter, and they were only able to sell through 573 000 of their 783,000 shipment, despite launching overseas as supposedly the most anticipated device ever.

The challenge for Windows Mobile is obviously to raise the profile of their devices, but clearly ads with creepy women is not the way to go.

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