iPhone 4…. What Do you think about it?

First Broken iPhone 4 Screen

If you follow me on twitter (which you should @WMPerson), you should know that when the new iPhone was announced, I was stuck. The new device is simple amazing. It has a great looking design (not back, I don’t like it), an awesome light up logo ( I want something like that from HTC, and even a front facing camera. All these new things (well not really new, but new to the iPhone) makes it truly an awesome device.

Now I am not writing this article to praise the new device, but to ask you what you are thinking about it? I– a loyal smartphone user– was actually considering this new device. All the previously stated features make me want this device, but here is why I will not get it.

1) Only a single flash, No SD Card:
Come on, I need my 16GB SD Card. That is were my videos, documents, and everything is saved. Hopefully Microsoft isn’t going to copy this on their final release.
2) Smaller screen:
Apple, 3.5 is getting a bit small. I have a new Samsung Tl225 (Digital Camera) that has a touch screen with that same size. I was hoping for like 3.8 or 4 inches, something that I can actual use after using my HD2 for over 2 months now.
3) Glass Body:
Okay really? I know that sounds cool and all, and I’m sure that is what they want you to think, but thats not a good thing. If you own an iPhone, you know how easily you can crack your screen. Now think how easily it would be fore a 9mm glass phone to break? and how much it will cost to fix…. Ya, Apple is going to make a bank from one person.
4) No AMOLED display:
Well this one is quite a big deal to me. After using the HTC Incredible for a month. I can say AMOLED displays are the best. My battery life last all day even with the screen on all the time. Videos look great, and even though Apple made it sounds cool, their new LCD is still not that good.
5)No HDMI Out, No Keyboard, On AT&T:
No HDMI is not really a big deal, but with my friends having the Evo4G, and making a big deal, and it looking good, I actually want it now. No keyboard, well I really would like a keyboard now. After a month with the HD2, I figured I miss having a full keyboard, I do not text as much. On AT&T, well this one is not too bad. AT&T is simple not good. During the show, they actually had a network failure, which made Steve Jobs look stupid on stage, and Apple stocks dropped a bit. I guess they are stuck with AT&T because Verizon does not seem to want them anymore, with all those Droid, I would not either.

Well those are my reasons for not buying the device. More so, a lot of the things Apple made such a big deal about on stage, HTC devices already have, example the full body antenna that the HTC Desire has, or even the backlit camera the Evo4G has. I am certainly hoping HTC shows what it has when it announces the HD3 (which I should be buying if it looks slick), and show Apple how to rightly use their technology, the one Apple is “inventing.” That shows you, while Apple is making a greatly entertaining show with things that are “changing the game, and ground breaking”, HTC is sitting there just being “Quietly brilliant.”

Comment below and tell us what you think of the new device, and just to say it again, this device is not bad, its pretty good, just putting something’s out there.

Pic from Gizmodo… first cracked iPhone 4

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