iPhone 4 Leaked and Now Gizmodo Editor Home is being searched


While this might be a blog on Windows Phones, keeping updated is our goal, and this is just something I think you would want to know. This news comes from Gizmodo who is saying their editor Jason Chen’s home was recently searched by California’s REACT computer crimes task force. They had authority from a warrant approved by judge of Superior Court of San Mateo.

This warrant allowed police men to come into this editors home, and acquire four computers, and two servers. While that was being taken, the editor was not home at the time. COO of Gawker Media LLC, Gaby Darbyshire, says the courts should not have allowed this because the warrant was invalid due to the conflict with section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code. Which means they were not allowed to take the computers of a news reporter… and the last time I checked, he is.

Now if you own a blog, you might now how hard it is to keep your news going without your computers. I cannot see what the courts would want with his computers, but maybe they see some evidence might be in there.

This is a little sad, and hard to read. A hard working reporting getting his property taken just because he was trying to keep his readers happy, and have the latest in news. Now do not get me wrong, I do not think his actions were correct or smart, because there are many ways you can leak information but not link it to your self or your site. I hope no charges come against him because that would certainly make not only me as a blogger, but anyone that wants to keep his readers entertained think twice before posting. If only Apple was like Microsoft, I am sure he would not have been in any trouble, but they are in different industry.

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