iPhone 4 day reveals fragile device, yellow screen and poor reception, we LOL



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We don’t often cover the competition here on WMPoweruser.com, but today is iPhone 4 day, when millions are expected to prostrate themselves before the Apple Gods, and we did want to make at least one contribution.

The iPhone 4 has a yellow splotch problem.The iPhone 4 promises a great new screen, new classic glass and metal design and improved reception due to an innovative new antenna band on the outside of the device.

It was therefore terribly amusing to see reports of screens with yellow splotches on it, apparently affected around half of the new iPhones according to Engadget’s poll.  Even more amusing was to hear that the so called Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 4 did nothing to prevent scratches, not to mention withstand any semblance of a drop test.

The greatest irony however was reserved for Apple’s new antenna arrangement, which far from improving reception, appears to kill it as soon as the phone is picked up.  How we laughed.

Of course this will not stop millions from picking up their iPhone today, but we will enjoy the firestorm of complaints tomorrow.

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