iPhone 11 might have one surprise left as all the good rumours were false



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Apple is just a few hours away from launching the “revolutionary new iPhone”. Thanks to the leaks, we already have an idea of what the new iPhones look like. Apple is expected to announce three phones later today and the leaks don’t look in favour of the company.

According to Apple Insider Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple iPhone 11 won’t support Apple Pencil. Earlier we saw reports stating that Apple might take Samsung’s path and add support for Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that has been axed as Kuo also said that iPhone 11 lineup won’t support bilateral wireless charging. Bilateral wireless charging is something we have seen in abundance this year with companies allowing users to take advantage of the phone’s huge battery to charge other phones or accessories. Kou, however, said that Apple won’t be adding support for bilateral charging on the new iPhone lineup. This is not the first time, Apple has had issues figuring out wireless charging. Earlier this year, Apple had to cancel their wireless charging pad after multiple delays. Apple will, however, add an 18W fast charger in the box so you don’t have to buy it separately. This will only apply to the new flagship iPhones as users buying the successor to iPhone XR will be stuck with 5W slow charger in the box.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of all the bad news for Apple as the company might not even launch a new iPhone with 5G support until next year. Apple went through a lot of trouble to settle its case with Qualcomm to gain access to the 5G modem. However, it looks like they couldn’t get access in time to ship 5G phones this year. This is particularly disappointing as multiple companies have launched 5G devices this year and Samsung even launched a mid-range 5G phone earlier this month.

With all that in mind, the iPhone 11 lineup isn’t looking worth buying. If these leaks are true, then it might be better to save money for next year’s iPhones as they might come with better features that give better value for money. The only good thing about this year’s iPhone will be the addition of 18W fast charger in the box which is still slower compared to other manufacturers. That said, we still don’t know what Apple has up their sleeves so we could possibly see features that might make the iPhone 11 more than just an incremental upgrade over the previous generation of iPhones.

Source 9to5Mac; Via Cnet, The Verge

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