Nobody ever expected that Apple would keep the iPhone 11 price lower than the last year’s model and while it’s certainly good news for iPhone lovers, Apple’s move certainly caused the smartphone manufacturers to reshape their strategy. Samsung is one such company who is working hard to find out ways to counter the recently-released iPhone 11.

Samsung is said to be working on a cheaper Galaxy Note 10 and as per sources, the Korean manufacturer might end up calling it Samsung Galaxy Note 10e. A new handset with model number SM-N770F is in the works and if you’re familiar with the naming convention that the company follows and pay close attention to the first three letters, you’d immediately jump to the conclusion that the handset is a new Note smartphone as model number of all the Note smartphone starts with SM-N. On the other hand, the 70F hints that the handset is a new variant of the Galaxy Note 10.

The addition of a new model to the Note 10 series, however, is not a surprising move from Samsung as the company performed similar stunts in the past by launching devices like the Galaxy S10e.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the cheaper Galaxy Note 10 at this point of time, but we can make some educated guesses — Samsung might launch the cheaper Galaxy Note 10 with lesser RAM, slower processor, and the camera quality might also not be in par with that of the original Note 10.

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via T3