IPCam Monitor for Foscam cameras released

imageGolden Pot has released a new IP Camera Monitor app optimised for Foscam MJPEG cameras.

The simple to use IP camera monitor app makes viewing and controlling IP cameras easy. It allows you to watch, listen and to two-way audio on supported IP cameras for free.

An upgrade to the Pro edition enables pan/tilt with gesture, pinning cameras on start screen with live tiles, taking snapshots, patrol controls, flip/mirror the image, prevents phone from going to sleep while viewing camera feed, no advertisements, and other advanced settings.

This app automatically detects and identifies all supported cameras connected to the local network. To get started, you simply need to provide a username and password for the camera.

The app features:image

  • Support video, audio, and talk
  • Control infrared (night vision) on/off
  • Capture snapshot
  • Pan tilt using gesture
  • Horizontal and vertical patrol controls
  • Image flip and mirror control
  • Pin to start screen
  • Live tiles
  • Setup unlimited number of cameras
  • Camera autodetect

Supported cameras: Foscam FI8910W, FI8910E: Support video, two-way audio, infrared, pan/tilt, patrol, flip/mirror.
Foscam FI8904, FI8905, FI8919: Support video only.

Note: Foscam FI9821W, FI8620 and other H.264 cameras are not supported.

The app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.