iOS5 faster than Mango at HTML5 rendering? Wrong!

WP_000130 ios5slow

Winrumors have claimed that the latest version of iOS5 has overtaken Windows Phone 7 Mango in the HTML5 speed rendering stakes, going from 1-2 fps to 32 fps, faster than the 25 fps demonstrated for Mango at MIX11.

What Tom has not taken into account was that Mango has continued to improve itself, and in testing done by The Next Web Windows Phone 7 repeatedly hit 41 FPS, and this is of course with a Snapdragon processor generations older than that in the iPhone 4.

While it seems the iPhone did a lot to catch up with Windows Phone 7 in iOS5, like with many other features Apple stole from Windows Phone 7 Apple still has a long way to go to do it better.

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