Latest iOS Office Insider Preview Build adds a ton of useful new features


29, 2021

Microsoft yesterday released a new update for Office for iOS Insiders, adding a ton of new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office Mobile.

This new Office version 2.52 (21072700) adds a status indicator to AutoSave-enabled files so that users can be confident that their changes are securely saved in the cloud. The new Office build also allows you to download PDFs in Office mobile app so that you can access them offline. The ability to extract text or table content using the Lens camera is another useful feature in this Office Insider build.

The latest Office update includes one of the most requested features, which is the ability to reorder scanned documents at the time of capture. With the latest Office update installed, Office users on iPad will also be able to copy all the formatting from one object (cell or range) and apply it to another in a single click.

You can learn more about the new features from the official changelog below.



Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office Mobile

AutoSave status indicator added

No one wants to worry about losing their work! That’s why we’ve added a status indicator to any AutoSave-enabled files on iOS. Now the save status is clearly shown beside the file name in the app, so you can be confident that your changes are securely saved in the cloud.

AutoSave indicator in Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Office Mobile

Access your PDFs offline

You can’t always count on having an online connection to access your information. Now you can download your PDFs in Office Mobile, allowing you to access them when you’re offline. To download the online PDF file to your device, just tap the Cloud icon (to the left of the triple-dot menu indicator).Screenshot showing PDF download function in iOS Office Mobile

Contextual actions: image to text and table

Now you can easily extract text or table content from an image using the Lens camera. To use the feature, launch the Lens camera and tap the new Actions mode. Select the text section of the image, then tap Continue. You can then export the text to Word, copy it, or share it.

Screenshot showing an image from a book with Office Mobile text extract feature  Screenshot showing the Office Mobile text extract feature in iOS.

Handwriting support with Image to Text

With this feature, you can now digitize your handwritten notes and take them anywhere on your device. To try the feature out, just tap Actions > Image to Text. (This feature is currently available only in English-language versions of Office Mobile.)Screenshot showing handwriting capture in Office Mobile for iOS.

Reorder scanned documents

One of the top user requests for the scan function in Office Mobile is the ability to reorder scanned documents at the time of capture. Now you can! To try this out, capture some images using the Lens scan, and then tap More > Reorder to place the documents in any order you like.


Quickly copy all formatting with Format Painter

You asked, we delivered! The Format Painter feature is now available on Excel for the iPad, with the same capabilities as on the desktop. Format Painter enables you to copy all the formatting from one object (cell or range) and apply it to another in a single click. To try it out, select a cell you want to copy all formatting from. Then tap on the Format Painter icon (on the Home tab) and select the cells you want to copy the formatting to. Tap on the icon again to turn the feature off.Screenshot showing Format Painter feature in Excel for iPad

If you are an Insider, you can download the latest Office app updates on your iOS device and try out these new improvements.

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