Microsoft has released a new update for Office for iOS Insiders. This version 2.50(21060200) adds a couple of new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint. With the latest version installed, you’ll be able to use animated to 3D models in Office to create highly immersive documents. The new Office update will also let iOS users play GIFs in documents, worksheets, or presentations. You can read the full official changelog below.


Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Bring documents to life with 3D animations

Animated 3D models can help you get creative, elevate your storytelling, and create highly immersive documents. Previously, 3D animations were static on iOS; now they’ve been brought to life with buttery-smooth animation playback. To try them out, open a file with an animated 3D model on your iPhone or iPad. Use the onscreen controls to play and pause the model and rotate it in 3D with animation.

3D animation of Tyrannosaurus rex walking

Play GIFs

You asked for it! Up until now, even when your documents, worksheets, or presentations contained animated GIFs, they would only appear as static images. Now you can use the onscreen controls to play and pause your animated GIFs, enlivening any document or presentation.

GIF of welcome message plays in Office for iOS

If you are an Insider, you can download the latest Office app updates on your iOS device and try out these new improvements.