Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on iOS. The new Office Build 200601 for iOS brings plenty of important new features to Word, Outlook, and OneDrive.

With the latest Office Insider Build installed on your iOS device, you’ll be able to read documents in edit mode in Word. You’ll also be able to quickly find what you’re looking for by switching between search results in the mail, people, and events in Outlook. The update also lets you edit files that are marked as offline in OneDrive. You can read the full official changelog below.



Read documents in edit mode  

You can now read your documents in Edit mode without fear of making accidental changes. To enable this feature, press the Pencil icon to enter Edit mode. Give it a try today by reading a long document!


Search tabbed results  

Quickly find what you’re looking for by switching between search results in mail, people, and events.

Image showing tabs in search results


Edit files when you’re offline 

Editing files while you’re offline just got easier. You can now edit Office files stored in OneDrive that are marked as available offline.


Transfer high efficiency images to your desktop  

We’ve received your feedback and are excited to announce a new feature that lets you quickly transfer high efficiency images to your desktop. Most images on iOS devices are HEIC formats, which file transfer didn’t previously support. Now, you transfer almost every image on your phone to your desktop!

How it works  

1. Tap Actions tab.

2. Tap Transfer Files.

3.  Tap Mode as Send (if the option is provided).

4.  Open on your desktop.

5. Press Scan to complete the pairing.

6. Accept the pairing pin if it matches with the desktop pin.

7. Select the images you would like to transfer from your gallery.

HEIC images will be converted to JPG to enable transfer. Give permission for this conversion to complete the transfer.

Multi-select images in media tab 

You can now multi-select different images and take different actions. Previously, media files weren’t actionable. Now, you can multi-select and take context-specific natural actions like choosing images to delete, share, or package them to Word and PowerPoint.

Tap the Media tab and long press on any image to activate multi-select. Voilà! Now multiple photos can be selected, and different actions can be taken by clicking the appropriate icon on top.