As has become usual, analysis of Apple ‘s beta code has revealed a number of upcoming features in the next major release of their iPhone operating system, iOS 14.

Josh Constine discovered a new Augmented reality app called Gobi designed to read a new kind of QR code (formated with coloured cones) which can link to things such as the Apple Watch website, a sign-up page for a Starbucks Card, as well as movies within iTunes.

“Apple is embracing the camera as a utility with a new augmented reality app called Gobi and new AR features in its Find My app,” Constine writes. “A source has provided me with a dump of leaked files from iOS 14, expected later this year. They reveal Apple-branded QR codes with a colourful new format, a preview of Gobi’s Starbucks partnership, and how Find My will use sound & haptic feedback to point you in the direction of your missing device.”

The app reportedly also includes a comparison-shopping feature that could live in this new AR app,  suggesting this app could offer promotions and special experiences.

Constine also discovered new sounds associated with the “Find my” app which would tell users when they are getting hot or cold.

“You’ll hear encouraging sounds when you face the right direction so the lost gadget is ‘Ahead’ of you, when you’re ‘Nearby,’ or come within ‘Arms Reach,’ while discouraging tones hint that you’re headed off course,” Constine writes.

Other elements leaked earlier include a new Home Screen Appearance option for the dynamic wallpaper on the iOS Home screen that can turn it flat, dark, blurry, or standard.

Hear John talk about Gobi below:

via BGR