iOS 13 set to tighten in-app privacy permissions



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Apple announced iOS 13 this week, which is set to bring a whole host of new features including dual AirPods pairing, mouse support for the iPad, and dark mode.

A report from 9to5mac shows that Apple are planning on releasing a feature that shows a map of where apps have been using location services to track you in the background.

Image source: 9to5mac.

The pop-up, shown above, shows two menus saying which app is using location services, why they’re using them, where they’ve been tracking you, and set of choices that allow to user to change the app’s permissions.

The Tesla app provides this explanation:

Tesla uses your location to show your proximity to your vehicle (while the app is open), and to optimize phone key on your support vehicles (while the app is in the background).

And the Apple Store app says this:

We’ll provide you with relevant products, features, and services depending on where you are.

Apple says that these pop-ups will be ‘periodic’, allowing users to toggle what the app is doing.

9to5mac say that iOS 13 will also allow users to set apps to have access to location services ‘just once’, instead of ‘all the time’, ‘never’, or ‘background only’. This option is a temporary authorisation, and the app will ask again for permission when it’s next opened.

iOS 13 will be out on all compatible devices (iPhone 6S and SE onward) in Fall 2019. A developer beta is out now and a public beta will be arriving in July.

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