Apple was expected to announce their Tile-like tracking discs at their Fall event, but in the end, they appeared to get lost in the iPhone 11 announcements.

Now, however, 9to5Mac have managed to track down a reference to the devices in iOS 13.2, uncovering the as-yet-unannounced name.

The code confirms the devices will be called AirTag, presumably to accompany AirPods and other Apple gadgets.

The tags will, of course, attach to items such as your keys and other valuables, and allow you to find them easily when lost.

While we still do not know much about the tags, it is strongly believed that Apple plans to use a mesh network of iPhones and iPads, which should enable a service dense enough to find lost devices nearly everywhere in the world.

The resource file suggests that, like Tile, the battery in the tags will be swappable, which is good news for the longevity of the accessories.

It is not clear when Apple plans to announce the devices, but 9t05Mac suggests this may be as soon as this week, which may make now a good time to sell your shares in Tile.