Ion Galactic: The Conflict Released for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices

Classic gameplay with new elements come forth in this new intense turn based strategy game from AKPco.

Ion Galactic: The Conflict is currently a Windows Phone exclusive!
Packed with features!

  • 20+ mission campaign: Help the federation rout the rebel alliance
  • Control 8 types of units upgrading lesser units into more powerful variants
  • Battle your friends with hot seat multiplayer mode
  • Play 200 included boards
  • Use the random board generation system to create an unlimited number of boards
  • Finely tune your experience with AI difficulty settings and initial unit placement settings
  • Include nebulas for an added difficulty component
  • Earn almost 20 badges!

If you like Sci-Fi, strategy, and turn based games that you can play on your own time, be sure to check out Ion Galactic: The Conflict.

Why Ion Galactic: The Conflict?

Ion Galactic: The Conflict was developed to bring classic turn based strategy to the Windows Phone. Based, in part, on such games as Slay and Hex War, Ion Galactic: The Conflict brings new elements to this tried and true format. Be one of the first to experience this brand new app on the Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 platform.

Find it in the Windows Phone store today!